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Seats, Meals, Pets


We do take down your meal preferences at time of booking airline tickets. However, we cannot guarantee you will receive a vegetarian, kosher, or other special meal on your flight. Each airline has a policy that you call them before your flight to make special meal requests. Some require several hours notice, while others require a somewhat longer time. Once you have booked an airline, you may check out their available online meal information, or you may call their reservations desk. See this link: airline phone numbers and web sites.

Seats and Planes

United 747 plane

Seat Assignments: Seating will show in your reservation only if the tickets have been issued. Otherwise seat assignments will be blank or say "check-in required." For Amadeus reservations (at in particular, you will have to click a yellow-orange little box at the corner of each flight to expand the details to find seat assignments.

If your tickets have been issued but a seat assignment is blank or says "check-in required," it means the plane is at least 80% full so you will choose seats only when check-in at the airport (arrive early for best seating). Also, per airline rules, for trips crossing a major ocean, any intra-Europe segments (within Europe) and intra-Asia segments will not have assigned seating until you land in Europe or Asia.

We always attempt to assign seats according to the preferences you gave when purchasing the tickets and always attempt to seat all passengers in the same row or as close together as possible. If you do not like your seating, you may first try contacting the airline directly using our Airline Contact page. NOTE: The airlines use a different reference code than we do in most cases, so have them look you up by your name. The airline's "own" code usually appears within your or details (however, some airlines prefer our Amadeus code).

Bulk-head / exit-row seating: Airlines only assign this seating during check-in. Request it at that time.


Some small pets may be classified as "carry-on" items depending on the weight of the pet and/or the size of their pet carrier cage. Airlines typically charge for pets carried in cargo and have regulations you need to be aware of. Some pets will not be allowed to fly if the outdoor temperature is too cold or too hot. The rules for each airline vary. If you plan to bring a pet on a trip, then we recommend you check an airline's pet policy before completing a booking on our web site. You may call their reservations desk or visit their web site. See our this link: airline phone numbers and web sites.