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Charter Bus Rental

Charter buses are used by groups of individuals who need a common bus to travel to a certain location or to tour a particular route. AirGorilla provides charter buses through its exclusive partner, The BusBank. Bus Bank is the industry leader in providing a single source for chartering a bus any time, anywhere in North America. It is easy to get exactly the right bus, at the right price, in the right place.

Groups & Events      

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Mini Coaches are little buses that get the big job of moving smaller groups or employees between hotels, airports, worksites, fairgrounds, etc. Mini coaches have individual seating like a deluxe motorcoach, but are used for smaller groups and shorter distances - trips under 150 miles. A quick tip: on-board luggage capacities vary widely, which may be an important consideration if you're shuttling out-of-town travelers.

Deluxe Motorcoaches are our most popular option and are ideal for local group outings, shuttles and over-the-road tours. They are similar to commercial aircrafts in many respects. Both provide spacious, air-conditioned interiors where you can move about while traveling. Comfortable seating makes your trip enjoyable and on-board lavatories make long trips possible. The comparison need not end there. Other options for your coach are TV/VCR's/DVD's, refreshments and a hostess or tour guide. Something to keep in mind: long-distance trips may require additional drivers.

School Buses are an economical alternative when budgets are tight. In many cases, they make more sense for big groups on short distances where motorcoach comforts aren't required. School buses generally do not have lavatories, air conditioning or much luggage capacity, so weather conditions and the length of your trip are important considerations.

Executive Coaches offer a high level of comfort and luxury and are great for special business and social occasions. It's like having your own private jet - only it's on the ground. An executive coach is ideal for groups of 5 to 20 traveling 300 to 400 miles. It is the perfect option for local outings, such as transporting wedding parties, when you want a more intimate setting for your group. Though emphasis is on comfort, not cost per passenger, you will often find an executive coach far more cost effective, time saving, relaxing and luxurious than taking a commercial flight. Each executive coach is custom made, so options vary, but you can expect social and meeting space (including a front and rear lounge), an entertainment center (including a flat screen TV and surround sound), state-of-the-art telecommunications, a kitchenette and a lavatory.

An Entertainer/Sleeper Coach is ideal when you’re touring over-the-road and overnight. With bunks for 10-12 your group will arrive at your next stop refreshed and ready to go. You’ll have the convenience of a kitchen and shower and time will fly with the distraction of an entertainment center and lounge area. Each coach is custom made. Floor plans, amenities and levels of luxury vary widely, so the photos are merely representational.

Bus Bank is not local bus owners, or just the brokers, or just a reservation service. Bus Bank's staff represent a whole lot more as transportation and event specialists with local knowledge of bus availability, bus quality, the best routes and the seasonal events that impact charter bus service in hundreds of markets – thousands of cities – all across North America. By working with independent operators rather than owning buses, Bus Bank maintains the flexibility to create customized group transportation solutions that fit the specific needs of the customer and situation. Think of the Bus Bank as your group and event transportation manager. Bus Bank works only with motorcoach operators who put the same premium on safety and service that we do. A pre-qualified, national network of operators gives Bus Bank hundreds of options and access to thousands of buses to help create the value equation of price and quality that's right for you.